If I win a contest, how will I receive the prize money?

We will either do a bank transfer or send it to your paypal account, whichever works in your favour.

Who are the judge(s) for the contests?

We at shoot and win firmly believe that the key underpinning of any contest is fair judgement. To avoid any sort of contestant-judge contact, we will disclose the judge(s) name along with the contest winners. We will have different judges for different contests and the same process will be followed throughout.

Is there a possibility that the same person wins multiple prizes (for eg: 1st and 3rd)?

Yes. The photographs are judged in a blind juried process by our judge(s). The winners are decided by the points each photograph scores. So if you submit two photographs and both of them end up becoming the two highest scoring photos, you get 1st and 2nd prize.

When will the results be declared?

Within 3 weeks from the contest closing date.

How do I submit a photo to a contest?

On every contest page there will be an upload photos button, clicking which will take you to your upload page. Upload the photo(s) you wish to and make the payment. In case you are not logged in the upload photos button will take you to the sign in page. It is much easier to sign in by using either the facebook or google button.

How many photos can I enter into a contest?

Unless mentioned specifically in a contest you are allowed to enter as many photographs into a contest.

How many contests can I participate in?

You can participate in as many contests you wish to. You can use the same image for different contests if you think it fits the theme.

Do the photographs show up in the contest gallery immediately after I upload them? What size should be my upload?

No, the photographs don’t show up immediately after you upload them. It will take up to 24 hours for the photos to show up in the contest gallery. Please resize your images to 1500 pixels on the longer side before submitting.

Can I submit photos captured by any camera?

Yes. Photographs made by any digital, film or phone camera is allowed to submit, unless mentioned otherwise in a contest.

Is nude photography allowed to submit?

While we personally appreciate artistic nudes, we want to maintain this site as a welcoming space for people from all age groups and cultures. Hence, we are not taking in any submissions which fall into the ‘nude’ category. Any such submission will be disqualified and will not show up in the gallery.

Note: Submission fees for any pornographic or artistic nude material will not be refunded, so submit at your own discretion.

Can I submit photos with watermarks?

Try not to. But in case you do, make sure they’re not too distracting. Remember, the content in your photo is more important than the watermark, so don’t let the latter overshadow the former.

How far can I post-process my photos?

As far as your imagination and creativity permits you to be. Be as creative as possible with capturing the image and then processing it in your computer. You can use any post processing software.

How old can my photo be?

As old as photography is fine with us.

Why aren’t we allowed to add a title or description to our photographs?

Photography is a visual artform and we want the judge(s) to score your photos basis only the information inside the four sides of your frame; anything outside is irrelevant. We want the photos to speak for themselves without the help of any supporting text.